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WONO| MDEX listing Incoming

WONO is a fast growing community of freelancers and employers that already has 518,000+ users registered on the platform.

Their token will be used to pay for the platform services. Of course, freelancers and investors may stake or exchange coins, making profit on them.

Wono would be the first freelance exchange in the world, using crypto as the payment between freelancers and customers.

FYI, in US, 38% freelancers already admitted they would like to get paid in crypto. This project would be the first in the market, and it's likely that the token's price would go high

WONO staking token follows the HRC-20 (Huobi Eco Chain, HECO) standard and can be transferred over HECO chain.

Emission of the token is going to be limited which creates conditions for its price growth.

The token can be held in all HECO-compatible wallets, like Huobi, Alpha or Math. and MDEX listing is upcoming. This project has the potential to touch the moon in coming days.







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