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Will AstroMiners Revolutionize the NFT Gaming Experience?

Will AstroMiners Revolutionize the NFT Gaming Experience? thumbnail
Will AstroMiners Revolutionize the NFT Gaming Experience? thumbnail

AstroMiners are a breed of tough, hardy humans and cyborgs, who set out on interplanetary journeys to enrich the people on Earth by providing the dying world with new sources of energy. AstroMiners are frontier heroes equipped with a wide variety of talents, skills, and technology who seek out resources on unexplored, alien worlds to save the future of civilization. The collection consists of 8,888 stunning characters based on the blockchain technology.

One of the main goals of the project is to create an interactive and engaging NFT gaming experience that is transparent to, and is governed by the community that built it. Every month, the top 10 performing Guilds will be eligible to vote for a representative to join the High Council for a full month, where they can debate and influence technical changes to the project in accordance with the needs of the community (Discord).

AstroMiners is built on LinearX Meta, providing a fully interoperable platform that frees projects from utilizing multiple game engines and is blockchain agnostic by using proprietary technology. All assets generated will have multiple utilities throughout the Astroverse. For every AstroMiners NFT sold, the crew will be donating one Water Bund via Justdiggit charity.

The overall gameplay looks very intriguing. The multilayered MMORPG Metaverse platform revolves around AstroMiner NFTs. Players can utilize them in various gameplay loops, all with built-in play-to-earn mechanics. The platform also features a resource gathering mini-game, which will be complemented over time. The resource gathering mini-game takes place on different Land-Plot NFTs, each owned by players. Players can upgrade their Land Plots until it becomes a fully developed Mining facility to gain new features that improve gameplay efficiency and unlock more valuable resources to gather.

Gathered resources can be utilized for purchasing and upgrading equipment or simply turning a profit (on real-time Auction House). You can also buy Official Merch on AstroMiners Meta-Shop. The Astroverse can be a challenging place to tackle alone, which is why there are Guilds that allow players to join with other like-minded individuals to take on more demanding challenges.

The gaming experience will provide players with both solo and group missions and even bounties to complete for $ASTRO Token. Players can stake their AstroMiner NFTs on the DApp platform on their website to receive $ASTRO Tokens. Holding an AstroMiner entitles the player to collect taxes from Non-AstroMiners which will go into a pool to be distributed among all the AstroMiners. AstroMiners have the option to create jobs on their Land Plots which gives them the right to adjust the tax of the players who do not possess an AstroMiner NFT. They will have to pay for the work they do at your facility. In addition, you can collect royalties from all Land Plots sold on the Marketplace.

The team is very active on their socials. They have over 37k+ members on Discord and 21k+ on Twitter where the crew is highly vocal on topics regarding the changes about the project. New exclusive characters are also revealed on the channel so do not miss out on the updates. Participate in their Discord to find more about Astrominers and the mint day.

Astrominers Raffle
Currently, there is an ongoing raffle only for the lucky persons reading this post. You can participate in the exclusive raffle for a chance to win a spot for the limited Genesis mint, which will be held on March 13th.
Check out the Raffle:

Token: $ASTRO
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply: 11,000,000
Based on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.


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Giving away 25 randomly. please like 2 from the collection to receve. link in comments.. (xpost from /r/opensea) thumbnail

Giving away 25 randomly. please like 2 from the collection to receve. link in comments.. (xpost from /r/opensea)