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📢Weekly Update! 👀 enter.x & update! 🔥

Hi everyone!

The sun has been shining in Oslo today, and we are ready with another weekly update

This weekend, we hosted a team talk, where we presented our main focus areas and plans for the coming time at enter. We were delighted to have so many attending, but for those who didn't make it, we will focus this week’s update on some highlights from the talk.

Milestones & stats

It’s time to celebrate, we are now over 15.000 users on the enter platforms!

A big shout out to all of you for spreading the word and supporting the ecosystem, whether you are a part of the 2000+ artists or the 13.000+ collectors. The journey has only just begun.

Another huge milestone has also been reached: 35 000 + community members on Discord!

Company news

The first team talk of the year!

It was great seeing so many of you listening in. We covered lots of interesting topics about the development of the enterverse and what we are focusing on in Q1.

The talk was recorded and it will be uploaded and shared on our social media channels by tomorrow.

Talk topics:

The enterverse 2022, enter x, Notifications, Stats & Analytics,,, Company Development, Ads, Social Media, Marketing.

Development update

enter x:

- Development finished, design is ready. Last fixes, marketing, and launch are being prepared. We shared a lot in the team talk, but more details will be spilled this week!

enter market:

- Planning and development started.

- Will include floor price, attributes, stats, open metadata standard.

- will start as an integrated part of

- Open marketplace for collections on BSC. & .audio:

- Added scroll and other fixes to the collection manager. Redesign started.

- Working on applying fix to BUSD issues.

- Optimizing the platforms and developing new features.

- Redesign of artist profiles are ongoing.

Community development

Our communities are growing fast. Our newly established Facebook community is flourishing since it was launched in the beginning of the year and we’re excited to see new faces and old supporters getting together.

Join us here:

This quarter will be largely focused on unifying our overall community, marketing and social media presence in general. To start off, you can expect a total makeover of our Discord community server this week.

Blog posts

Meet the artist - Fox Leader

Blockchain - Centralized vs. decentralized

Art Highlights

Indira_iofeye with the amazing Guardians of the strange Ideas

The liquidity donation initiative started by Fox_Leader has gained tremendous support in the community, and there is currently art by 15 different artists connected to the liquidity_donation wallet.

We wish you all a wonderful week. All the best from the enter team!

What do you think?

Auto shark bug??

Algogems governance will be available on 1 February. thumbnail

Algogems governance will be available on 1 February.