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Weekly Update #35 June 7, 22

Weekly Update #35 June 7, 22 thumbnail
Weekly Update #35 June 7, 22 thumbnail

GM everyone; and welcome to a brand new week in the enterverse!👋

We know everyones excited to hear more about enter x and While we won't touch on those two in today's update, we’re looking forward to give an update exclusively for enter x and a bit later in the week. Thank you for your patience.

Here’s this weeks update:

✅ Company news

  • The enterverse festival is coming together beautifully, and we were so excited to share some details on what you can expect in last week's announcement on the blog. Keep a keen eye on our social media for more sneak peeks this week!

  • JPOart hosted an art and NFT-focused Twitter space this weekend, and we’re excited to let him back on stage next Sunday as well. Following that, Cedric Debled will also be hosting a drawing workshop, cross streamed to all our channels. Times to be announced soon across our social media.

✔ Development update & audio:

Last week's update introduced quite a few Quality of Life improvements for and It is now possible to select a Creative Commons license when minting your NFTs, so users can explicitly choose which immaterial rights they want to go with the NFT. You can read more about the different possibilities here.

To improve discoverability, we introduced searchable tags to the platforms so users can distinguish their NFTs further.

To improve the experience of the newly added email notification, we added filtering so users can choose exactly which type of notifications they want to receive in their inbox.

To give artists more aesthetic freedom of movement, we added the possibility to choose image cropping in the NFT preview.

👥 Community development

Thanks to everyone who’s been voting for $NFTART everyday! We were trending on astrospaces several times this week. Let’s keep it up!

Tip bot is here! Look out for an announcement containing all of the information you need to send and receive $tips. Introducing airdrops, gas coverage, trivia, and several other ways for you guys to earn tips, including shilling, voting and more!

A list of servers, subreddits and groups where you guys can share our communities, platforms, $NFTART token and promote your NFTs is in the works. You can also head over to our Telegram and forward the pinned message to help expand our reach.

📖 Blog posts

Last week we had quite the exciting week on, featuring everything from our upcoming metaverse festival, to how to create GIFs. If you’re new to the crypto space, you might also be wondering what a DApp is? Make sure to check out last week's articles!

✨ Art Highlights

THE CLUB & 508 by Misterflopatrick

Lavish Animals by Chano

Arracadas by Luisricardo

Monsieur Lulu travels the world by Jaio_dos_anjos

The Candyland Collection by Luvcraft

What do you think?

🔥 $NFTArt Volume 24h - $1,151,000 thumbnail

🔥 $NFTArt Volume 24h – $1,151,000

✨ Weekly update #35 is here!! ✨ thumbnail

✨ Weekly update #35 is here!! ✨