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Time to get connected! Prepare for launch, and to take part in something truly amazing. Here is the easiest way to create a wallet, connect it to GameStop marketplace, and to mint a Loopring NFT.

Time to get connected! Prepare for launch, and to take part in something truly amazing. Here is the easiest way to create a wallet, connect it to GameStop marketplace, and to mint a Loopring NFT. thumbnail
Time to get connected! Prepare for launch, and to take part in something truly amazing. Here is the easiest way to create a wallet, connect it to GameStop marketplace, and to mint a Loopring NFT. thumbnail

Hey Loopers and Apes, this is for anyone who feels overwhelmed or left behind with concern to creating a wallet, connecting it to the GameStop marketplace, and even minting a Loopring NFT. There are lots of great posts out there with more detail, but this post is just a simple, broad overview of easiest method for wallet creation, connection, and minting.


#1 You can create a Metamask layer 1 wallet, connect it to the Gamestop marketplace, and create a Loopring Layer 2 wallet, without having to use a smart wallet

#2 You can mint NFTs on Loopring with no programming skills, if you are minting basic, individual NFT's. (NFT collections are the thing that takes WAY more knowledge)

Hopefully this post will help to clear up some confusion you might have on these topics, because I know that learning some of what is listed below was not clear to me without having to Google a whole bunch of different things. (The process itself is very easy, but there were extra details I felt I had to know, which I have included below... and also there were points of confusion that I had to clear up for myself, such as the huge difference between minting an NFT and minting an NFT collection, as well as the fact that you can create a layer 2 Loopring wallet with a Metamask wallet.)

There are so many people in this industry who have "the curse of knowledge", and they often assume that people know way more than they do and fail to explain important things. I hope I haven't made too many assumptions below.

By the way I think it was brilliant for GameStop to release their beta marketplace first, not just to fix bugs, but to allow people to get connected early so that they could enjoy / interact with the marketplace from day 1. Here is your chance to get connected, and to get your feet wet in the blockchain world. Some say that those who connect before launch might get an NFT prize?

Wallet creation (Layer 1)

Overall step: Create a Metamask wallet (Creates a free layer 1 Ethereum wallet)

The easiest way to create a wallet to connect to the GameStop marketplace right now, is to create a Metamask wallet. At least until GameStop releases their own wallet.

Metamask is a wallet that works on desktop, as well as phones. It will allow you to interact with a wide variety of blockchain websites, like blockchain games, the NFT marketplace, and Loopring's exchange + NFT features.

This is where I initially got confused and was lacking information. You can create a Loopring Layer 2 wallet / wallet section without having to download the Loopring smart wallet (if you want... again I'm talking about the easiest method), and without having to spend the money to create Loopring's smart wallet.

This blew my mind. All you need is a Metamask layer 1 wallet, and the Gamestop website will help you to create a Loopring Layer 2 wallet, by using your Layer 1 Metamask wallet. Loopring staff explained it to me as basically creating a layer 2 section within the same wallet. How this all works is beyond me but it works, and it was easy to do.

Your Metamask layer 1 wallet will have the same address as your Loopring layer 2 wallet.

Using Metamask instead of the smart wallet is a great way to start with less of a steep learning curve... and if you are like me and prefer saving your key / seed phrase instead of doing the whole social guardian thing (intimidating for me as a beginner), then Metamask is the way to go.

Below is a link to an article with instructions on how to create a Metamask wallet. There are also great YouTube videos that will walk you through the process.

Here are the basics to know.

Metamask runs as an extension on your browser.

You'll have a password to login to / enable the plugin.

You'll have a wallet address. (Metamask may refer to the wallet address as the "Public Key" in some places, which is not quite right as the address is shorter than the entire public key... but it's nothing to worry about. I only say this because their phrasing confused me. They will show you your wallet address and may call it a public key, even though they are two slightly different things. It's an address. No worries.)

You'll have seed phrase, which is a list of 12 words that serve as a "private key". The private key and the seed phrase are basically the same thing. One can be derived from the other, but again don't bend your brain trying to figure it out, just write it down and keep it safe. This is what will allow you to recover your wallet on another device. Metamask will give you your seed phrase when you create the wallet which is all you need... but if you want later you can look up how to retrieve your private key.

(This confused me at first because I don't get the appeal of a list of words instead of / in addition to a key, but I'm a no nonsense cut and dry type of guy so whatever.)

After you have your Metamask wallet setup, when you visit blockchain websites who interact with wallets (Usually includes Metamask), you will be able to connect your metamask wallet to their website to interact with their services, whether it's a game, or an exchange, or a marketplace!

Most of these websites will have a button in the upper right corner that says "Connect" or "Connect Wallet", which leads us to the next step, which is connecting your Metamask wallet to the GameStop marketplace.

Connecting Metamask to GameStop marketplace, and activating Loopring Layer 2

GameStop website makes things very easy.

Go to

Click "Connect" in the upper right corner

You'll be taken to

You will see the "Metamask" button on the lower left. Click this.

A Metamask window will pop up, it may ask you to sign in if the extension is signed out. Otherwise it may ask you to "Sign", which is to give permissions for GameStop to connect to your Metamask wallet.

After connecting, you'll see a little generic profile picture at the top right. If you are currently on the main page click the profile picture, and from there you can view your profile, add funds, etc.

GameStop should prompt you to "Add Funds" to activate your Layer 2 Wallet. This is not the same thing as you have heard where people need to spend quite a bit to activate the layer 1 Loopring smart wallet. This is a very small charge to activate Layer 2, again by using your Metamask wallet.

Click "Add Funds", then choose how you want to add funds.... I chose "Buy ETH with a card", and then chose "Buy ETH with Wyre". I think I added like ten bucks but it cost way less than that to activate. Sorry I can't remember, but it was a very tiny amount. Like less than 2 dollars, maybe way less IDK.

Follow the prompts to activate Layer 2, again GameStop site will walk you through this / prompt you until it is complete.

You are now on the blockchain, on layer 2, in the new digital age! More importantly you are ready to take part in the marketplace upon launch, and if we are given any NFT rewards for connecting early you'll be ready for this too!

P.S. Loopring staff told me a while ago to not worry that my NFTs were not showing in the marketplace. Apparently this is expected for now. Sure wish someone would have told me before spending hours trying to find why my NFTs were not showing.

Also, note that the funds you add through GameStop to layer 2, will not show up in tools used to view your layer 1 balance, such as Etherscan, or Metamask itself, as these show layer 1 values. (Click the little puzzle piece in the upper right of your chrome browser and then click the Metamask extension to view your account / balance etc., for layer 1).

However things like the Gamestop marketplace or the Loopring explorer will show you your layer 2 balance / assets etc. These are the things that people don't seem to say!

NFT Minting on Loopring

Minting an NFT may be easier than you think. I have seen some people's posts about "How to mint NFTs" and they kind of failed to clarify that they were showing how to mint a collection, which is way harder than minting a single NFT, and probably scared away a lot of people.

Simply follow Loopring's instructions on how to mint an NFT. I used Canva to create a cool image that I wanted to use as my profile picture for the marketplace when it launches, and minted it into an NFT.

Here are the very basic steps for an overall understanding (See article for full steps). One extra thing I included which the article doesn't explain, is creating the JSON file. It's easy, don't worry.

Create a JPG or PNG image, put the image inside a folder.

Create Pinata account (stores the images + associated JSON file)

Upload the folder with the image inside it, to Pinata

Create the JSON file, according to the code / format given in the article above (and shown below as well). See below for how to do this.

Copy the CID number for the folder that you uploaded to Pinata, and paste it into the code for your JSON file as shown below. Again more on this below.

After saving the JSON file, upload that file to Pinata. (Another CID number will be given, which you will use in a moment on Loopring's website.)

Go to then click "Launch App", and then click "Connect Wallet". This will connect to your wallet just like the GameStop website (Choose Metamask).

Loopring will prompt you to unlock your wallet / allow connection from Metamask to Loopring.

Click on "L2 wallet", then click "My NFT"

Click "Mint NFT"

Loopring will ask for a CID number, use (copy and paste) the one from the JSON file that you uploaded to Pinata

Enter the number of NFT's you want to mint

Ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet. Click the Mint My NFT button

Sign / Approve the mint transaction with your wallet

Now you have minted an NFT! When the marketplace launches you should be able to use it as your profile picture, or somewhere down the line you may decide to sell it.

Creating the JSON file

Alright here is the part where information is left out. To create a JSON file, it's as easy as opening "Notepad" on your computer, entering the text / code (copy and paste the template below and change the values for your project), saving the file as a normal text file (.txt)....

and then, on your computer, change the file extension from .txt to .json, and your computer will automatically turn the file into a JSON file. To change the file extension, follow the steps below (for windows computer).

Open your "File Explorer" where you view all of your computer files etc.

Click the "View" tab on the top

Check the box that says "File name extensions"

Now your text file will not only show the name of the file, but at the end of the file name it will say .txt

Edit the name of the file as you normally would by right-clicking on it, and then clicking "Rename"

Replace .txt with .json and then press enter on the keyboard. Windows will warn you, and click "Yes"

JSON code Format:


"description": "Description of your NFT goes here",

"image": "ipfs://CID of the folder of the image from point 5/imagename.jpg",

"name": "Name of the NFT",

"royalty_percentage": integer between 0 to 10


JSON code Example:


"description": "Precious",

"image": "ipfs://QmcegKF6r3VqSc4jmSmJ6WeM3kVy9NAjY9D1e33xk56C77/precious.jpg",

"name": "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend",

"royalty_percentage": 10



Open notepad, copy and paste the code template above into notepad, and change the values for each of the fields "Description", "image", "name", and "royalty_percentage". For the description and the name, write it in pain text. For the royalty percentage, enter a number.

For the "image" field, again this is where you copy and paste the CID for the FOLDER of the image in Pinata. This is also where you indicate the file name of your picture. Don't forget to include the file name (including .jpg or .png), as shown in the example / format example above.

Save the file as .txt

Show file name extensions in the file explorer, then change the .txt extension to .json

Upload the JSON file to Pinata and follow the remaining steps to mint your NFT, explained further above.

I hope that this helps some of you create your wallet, connect it, and maybe even to mint an NFT! Loopring + GameStop is the best 🚀🚀🚀

What do you think?

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