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The Problem with NFTs

I'll get right to the point. Haven't you had enough of the hundreds, thousands of lies we were swallowing from the NFT collections? The crypto market is saturated with scams. I'm looking to invest in an NFT, but I'm just finding projects with no real benefit at all.

Access to private parties around the world? But I prefer classical music. Merch? I just want a real investment, not a monkey T-shirt. Discount on beauty salons? I'd rather not say anything.

After all the analyses we made as a team, we found 2 major problems in this new type of business:

The greed of some founders who want to receive without offering, fooling customers.

The multitude of false, utopian, unrealizable promises, or scams, which try to get new customers who will not benefit in the future.

After investing 300$ on a monkey, being certain that this is the best investment of your life, the long-term investment which you've always been looking for, you discover that the promised DAO is no longer established and the founders slowly disappear with the money they got from the project.

Whose fault is it, then? Mine and yours. We have allowed the development of a corrupt ecosystem, that is not founded on moral principles. We allowed the scams to suffocate us. Who is responsible for the millions of dollars lost in the scams? Who is responsible for the thousands of people who have been lied to by fake projects? No one, correct. Why? Because we're being taken for fools. Together with my team, we are going to bring regulation on the market, through a DAO. Lying and greed will eventually fail.


What do you think?


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The Polkacity NFT Raffle Livestream is now live