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The biggest Metaverse x WEB3 project of the year is launching in 48 hours 🚀

It has been a very unappealing,and chaotic NFT market as of recent - Rug pulls, fail reveals, and scams/hacks. There has been a lack of projects that provide real long term utility to holders - It's important to understand what you are investing into and who you are investing in (Team). Promises are one thing but execution is another.

A project that is capitalizing on the Web3 and Metaverse shift is ASRA City DAO - Their Core business model is acquiring land in various metaverse with an aim to monetize through the experiences they develop. Experiences can be monetized similar to those out here in the real world as an example: Watching the UFC in a virtual sports bar with friends, attending a virtual event.

Who is ASRA City DAO?
ASRA City DAO is a utility-centric NFT project that's launching on IMX! - and building a diverse, community owned Metaverse real-estate portfolio through the acquisition, development, and innovation of current and future virtual worlds. ASRA City are creating a self-sustaining eco-system to fuel the ongoing development of virtual experiences within the Metaverse for generations to come.

✅ Fractionalized Ownership

✅ Decentralized Governance

✅ Revenue Distribution

✅ Staking Protocol & Rewards

✅ Native & Governance Token

✅ Member Benefits

✅ Evolving Utility

The future of ASRA City DAO will see additional layers of utility added to their native token, such as a Metaverse marketplace to bridge the gap between the NFT space and the Metaverse. This is just the beginning of a new future!

Buy| Develop| Monetize| Innovate

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🎁 GIVEWAY 🎁 - 50/50 NFT Raffle - A Chance To Win Up To 25 Eth/week! - Daily, Quarterly, & Annual Prizes 🚨🚨🚨 thumbnail

🎁 GIVEWAY 🎁 – 50/50 NFT Raffle – A Chance To Win Up To 25 Eth/week! – Daily, Quarterly, & Annual Prizes 🚨🚨🚨