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Struggling with architecture for crypto project

Hi everyone I am working on a project with some friends. The overall theme is health + blockchain + you earn with your data.

I am quite new to the technicalities, so please forgive me any stupid questions.

The project/coin should run on algorand.

Now I am thinking about the architecture for such a project.

I started out with an initial draft, but quite quickly I figured out that I have many questions regarding things such as: - where to store the information (blockchain vs. off-chain (especially because it is health data) - how exactly to use NFTs and where - is there part of the computation that has to take place off chain or not? - etc.

Does anybody have any good resources to learn about the architecture that is used for different projects?

Or is there maybe even someone who would be open to chat about it?

Thanks a lot for any info in advance!

What do you think?

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New problem. Minted my NFT, but this is all I see: