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🔥 MetaShooter 🔥 | MetaShooter – Breathtaking play to earn hunting metaverse 🔫

The MetaShooter (MHUNT) token is a Cardano (ADA) blockchain-based cryptographic token that can be traded on the Cardano blockchain. This token will be used as the main currency on the MetaShooter platform as an independent store of value for players and investors. 👨‍💻 🚀

In order to start player needs🎮:

🔫 Create an account, connect their crypto wallet, and start exploring the game’s market and assets.

🔫 Explore the gameplay and reward systems, and choose what type of game modes they want to play

🔫 Buy and customize a hunter: select equipment class and other aesthetics.

🔫 Prepare to enter the hunting world!


Purchase hunting lands, breed NFT dogs, build towers, and grow your passive income.


Use various equipment options to become stronger and exceptional.


Receive token rewards by completing trophy collections or hunting rare animals.

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Any one interested in a Twitter CNFT giveaway? LMK

On sale now! Link to purchase is in the chat. thumbnail

On sale now! Link to purchase is in the chat.