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I’m happy to hear that there are more and more Music NFT Marketplaces

This is great news! There are more and more music NFT platforms that offer us various opportunities and experiences and all this makes me very excited considering that I have been in the world of music since I was a child, I make money from it and I also trade NFTs.

So, what's the news?
A new NFT platform, MusicArt, is combining blockchain, NFT technology, and digital art trading for music artwork fans.
The project was launched by three music industry executives, with support from independent artist portals Jamma Music and Aurovine.

The platform will reportedly feature works from both older and newer artists and will come with pieces from art-rock icons like Mike Dubois, Ioannis, and Karl Ferris on launch.

I get super excited when it comes to news like this!
When I told my friend about this, he told me that he was thrilled with the music NFT platform called Centaurify which is like one real music universe with lots of benefits and I'm ready to try it.

What do you think?

Do you believe the NFT art collections have given artists the attention they deserve?

What do you like most about NFTs in the hospitality industry?