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HUNG LIKE HAMSTER DAO for Gamers and investors on BLOCKCHAIN GAMING thumbnail
HUNG LIKE HAMSTER DAO for Gamers and investors on BLOCKCHAIN GAMING thumbnail

🐹 Hung Like Hamster (HLH) is the most recent, cleanest, and Play to Earn (p2e) DAO blockchain gaming project to emerge. Our little Hamsters are on their way to becoming some of the most powerful titans in the p2e space. We invite everyone to join us on this adventure. We were founded on a love of gaming and a belief that embracing NFTs and p2e means great things for the space. Web3 is transforming gaming and people's lives all over the world. This is a revolution and it is also an evolution.

Even the most experienced gamers may find it difficult to navigate the new world of p2e games. Our little hamsters, on the other hand, are astute and quick. We provide teammates and guidance to help any member gain a competitive advantage. They are also given the opportunity to vote. We want to make blockchain gaming more enjoyable, safer, easier, and accessible to everyone. We will be the most popular p2e guild. We will supply everything a player requires to get started in the space. Pegaxy, Axie Infinity, BigTime, Illuvium, the sandbox, nft worlds, and Minecraft are just a few of the games on the polygon network in our starting lineup. Soon when people ask “how you leveled up so quickly” you’ll be proud to tell them that you are Hung Like Hamster.

HLH members 🐹 will always have access to the best p2e games and exposure to upcoming projects along with weekly tournaments and guild vs guild matches against other NFT projects for prizes. Each member will have a portion of the DAO's assets and will be able to use our staking feature. A token holder can spend their token on custom hamster merch, gaming merch, hamster art, Pega's, Axies, NFT projects, how-to classes on NFT, Crypto, Defi, and other items in the gaming store. The rewards are multiplied by three for Genesis hamsters. Members can use the HLH genesis pass to upgrade their hamster to a genesis hamster. Genesis hamsters come with additional benefits and rewards such as:

  • 💰 3X staking rewards
  • 🤵 Priorities on scholarships & P2E game access
  • 🎁 Personal giveaways, WL spots & Alpha channel
  • 💵 Monthly pay-out from secondary sales

⭐️ Minting : TBA on discord
MINT PRICE: .065 eth and its will be on polygon network

Gen Supply: 3333 💎

Roadmap: Coming soon

HLH 🐹 is basically a humble bundle on which you need to pay once and you get to play stuff you like

Contract will be spot on and the team building will make sure its working correctly.

How does it work? ✅

Project A & Project B both have p2e games but their floor price is too high for you to enter. This is where HLH comes in and provides the NFTs you need to earn in that ecosystem with no risk to the gamer and they can choose to keep using the NFT’s for as long as they want.




Website: Coming Soon 🐹

What do you think?

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