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Highlights from the Twitter Spaces with Terra Virtua and Cardano.

Over 3000 NFTs in 500 wallets with a floor price of 130ADA, the Cardano Summit NFT is selling some fast!

Whatever has Cardano on it sells out. I noticed even the Twitter Spaces yesterday had 750 people listening.

The partnership with Terra is massive, but here's a summary of I heard :

-Cardano NFTs has full support on the Terra Virtua Marketplace, hinting possibilities for further collaborations.

-After Cardano, other major crypto brands will line up and form partnerships and collaborations.

-Terra Virtua has an open door policy of accessibility, meaning that any IP that wants a vibrant marketplace can join Terra Virtua.

This iconic partnership heralds a new era in the NFT space.

What do you think?

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