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[Free $25, free Spotify and 2% cashback] Visa Debit card

So I tested and wanted to make my own opinion about it: offers Visa debit cards that give 2% cashback and a range of other perks like free Spotify. This is a very big company. Recently they started a huge ad campaign starring Matt Damon and they bought the naming rights to the Staples Center in L.A. for 20 years.

The Ruby Steel card tier offers a $25 instant bonus, free Spotify and 2% cashback on all purchases, and a premium metal card. To get the card you need to stake €350 worth of CRO coins and hold it for 6 months. After this time you're free to sell them again (or keep if you want to retain the card benefits).

Important note: you don't need to put crypto on the card, you can just load it with Euro or USD and spend it!

All cashbacks and bonuses are paid in the CRO cryptocurrency. You can immediately sell the CRO in the app for pounds/euros, which you can use again for purchases with the card if you want.


Personal experience:

I've been using the card for two months now. Lost a small amount as CRO dipped a bit and my staked amount is worth less than before. Yet I got on all purchases a 2% cashback which is currently worth $21 (over all purchases were $1050). I use the card on a regular base but I don't have many running costs. In these two months my Spotify got paid back in CRO ($12.99 each month) and I started staking my CRO on their DeFi Wallet with a 12.58% annual reward.

Also the metal debit card looks awesome :)


If you want to start too with you can follow these steps:

  • Sign up through my link: or use code kgy6vgv3jx in the app. Non-ref link (no bonus):
  • Verify your identity
  • Purchase and stake €350 worth of CRO for the Ruby Steel card tier
  • The $25 referral bonus will be credited instantly after you've staked for the card and you can sell it for pounds/euros straight away if you want.
  • After your card has been delivered, be sure to set it as the payment method for Spotify so that the 100% rebate can be processed automatically.

What do you think?

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