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Flappy NFT Birds

Hi everyone! We are proud to announce we released FlappyNFTBirds! As you know, this is a famous mobile game but we reinvented it using NFT technology. As promised, we are trying to make affordable NFTs intended to be used in online gaming. By affordable, we mean 8 MATIC. Very affordable!

There are three simple traits:

  • Crown
  • Cigarette
  • Sunglasses

Each bird has a chance to get 1, 2 or even all of them, and comes with a coolness percentage and a birthdate.

How to mint and play?

  1. Open and connect your Metamask account on the top right corner (make sure you selected the Polygon Mainnet network)
  2. Be sure you have at least 8 MATIC (~10€)
  3. Press the "MINT NOW" button and sign the transaction from Metamask tooltip
  4. Wait some seconds (in some cases you have to refresh the page, unfortunately)
  5. Press "Play" button and select your bird
  6. Click the left button of your mouse or press the spacebar to make the bird fly
  7. Have fun and publish your best score on our Discord!

What do you think?

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