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Exciting times ahead for Cardano, with upcoming Cardano Island on Virtua Prime

About two weeks ago, I saw a crosspost from the Terra Virtua sub asking if this was a sign that Terra Virtua was already working on the Cardano island in their Terra prime and I got lots of responses. Well, I am just here to thrill you that my guess was right. Cardano Island is here and is located on Virtua Prime. This Island will serve as Cardano’s Headquarters, and the island will also house Academy Centra, along with 5,000 plots of land that are ready to be explored, live, and played by its members.

Having been anticipating the Cardano island, it is satisfying that Cardano members can purchase a plot on this island with ADA, which can be worth up to 5,000. (TBC). It is also reasonable that the project created these plots in different sizes so that every Cardano member could purchase one. Another feature I noticed is that Cardano island plot owners will be able to contribute to the community’s growth through games, competitions, and interactions in areas such as the lobby and fan caves, to name a few.

If you've been a member of the Cardano community for a while, you'll recall that at the Cardano Terra Virtua Submit the project promised that the special limited edition Cardano NFT holders would be the first pioneers and get the whitelist for the land sale. Furthermore, if you buy land, you can design your building based on the Cardano NFT you've claimed. In addition, you will receive exclusive 3D Cardano bots on a free mint. If you haven't claimed your official Cardano NFT yet, you still have time to see the guidelines and claim before the land sale begins.

In light of this, I am always concerned about the utility that a project provides, and believe me, the Cardano island project rose above it all by providing

1.All Cardano structures have a distinct style that is unique to the island. Furthermore, all structures have social community hubs with VOIP capabilities.

2.Members have their own Academy Dome where they can learn, train, and participate in other educational activities.

3.Surprise airdrops, among other things!

4.Virtua Studio's created mini-games such as Nitro racing, Jetpack runner, Scavenger hunt, and more are available to all Cardano members.

What do you think?

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