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Early Access: NFT Valuation Platform

Dear Community,

NFTs have been on the uprise in the past years, with may different collections being launched. Transactions with NFTs on multiple blockchains have been going up and the virtual hype around them is still ongoing.

One thing, that stood out to us is that the NFT market is still very intransparent especially when it comes to pricing of NFTs. How often have you ask yourself:

I bought this NFT, but what can I sell it for?


I would like to buy this NFT, but I am not sure if the price is alright!

That's why we launched the early access registration for Valuee today. Our anticipated soft launch will be happening in Q3 of 2022. We will provide you with advanced analytics into the blockchain and NFT market so that you can stop worrying about your NFTs.

The early access registration is limited to 1000 users initially, thus sign up quick to reserve your spot!

Get Early Access to Valuee. Go to

What do you think?

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crypto beard barber on Twitter

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