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Do you think NFt avatars will become popular in the crypto community, given that many social media platforms have begun to use them as profile pictures?

The NFT phenomenon has exploded, with social media behemoths like instagram(meta) joining the fray today. As adoption approaches, here's how I believe NFT and blockchain tools will become a part of our daily lives!! I'm currently talking about NFT avatars. We've already seen how you can use your nft photo as your profile picture on Twitter.
This feature is only available to Twitter blue users, and the nft image chosen will be hexagonal in shape. The terms NFTs and metaverse are nearly synonymous. The explosion of NFTs in blockchain gaming is one of the reasons for this.
Interoperable games are a natural fit for many people who believe virtual worlds will be used to manifest the metaverse. Because of its one-of-a-kind nature and metaverse-based nature, it necessitates a significant amount of effort. I tell you, the possibilities are endless. Despite the bear market, the craze for Bayc and cryptopunks is real, and social media integrations with the profile pic thing are still going strong.
I believe avatars will play a significant role in the NFT sector's next trend cycle, but the real question is whether or not everyone can afford these high-priced avatars. Yes, if you're looking at it from the perspective of adoption. As more people become aware of blockchain technology, it will become more popular, and in 2-3 years, NFt avatars will be commonplace and used in our daily lives without our knowledge. On social media accounts, people have recently begun to use non-traditional profile pictures.
The most popular Tweets are non-fiction Tweets, which are a single sentence with a photo that combine the best of both worlds. To express your personality and interests while maintaining the benefits of a traditional profile picture, you can create your own NFT or use one from a favourite author. If you don't already have one, you can make one using a tool called nft avatar maker, which allows you to customise your avatar in a variety of ways.

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Is the NFT avatar thing the next big thing in the NFT world? To that, I have a variety of responses!!

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