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Do you believe these changes in the hospitality industry will have an immediate impact on you?

Hospitality Industry NFTs Will Be The Next Big Thing in 2022, well that's the good news!
What do you think, will they make big changes in Hospitality Industry this year like they're saying they will?

This year has seen big names from every industry enter the NFT space – and hotel industry NFTs could be the next big thing in 2022. From luxury hotel NFT reservations to travel-inspired assets and NFT-focused coffee shops, this new strategy has the potential to revolutionize businesses all over the world.

In fact, some companies in the hospitality industry have already found innovative ways to use NFTs for their growth!

I even had the opportunity to come across some NFT projects, such as that the five-star Venetian hotel is the first to accept reservations via NFTs. Its parent firm, VRetreats, auctioned a night's stay at the hotel via OpenSea in August that's sold for 1 ETH!
I also heard about the Last Hopium project, which provides a huge selection of premium hotels such as Hilton, The Ritz, Plaza, and so on, as well as spas and all luxury hotel services.

It will be fascinating to see how it evolves and how other hospitality businesses choose to interact in the virtual world!
Are you ready for these types of changes, and do you believe you will benefit from them?

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