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Celestials Stellar Club 🌐| Spaceship Metaverse 🌌| Over 16k followers on Twitter | |NFT exoplanets based on NASA data | 4,962 Exoplanets deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain🌑 | 500 Whitelist spots🔥

No doubt the metaverse just became a lot more interesting for celestial body and NFT lovers 😍. By mapping out and creating a web3 exploration model of the universe, CSC invites you to join other universe enthusiasts to own an NFT representation of your favorite planet from a collection of 4,692 exoplanets.

Celestials Stellar Club is a spaceship metaverse game with a hand-crafted algorithm combined with real-world planet data from NASA. Exoplanets are created with natural characteristics and attributed by very talented artists to give each exoplanet a rarity among other exoplanets in the cosmos.


💣Real-world planet data and custom traits

🌎Multiplayer metaverse game playable on the website

📃Audited Ethereum Smart contract

📰Top influencers and credible partners

🏦Built on Ethereum Blockchain

📢Fast growing community with over 9.9k discord members and 16k Twitter followers

Watch out for: ⏰

🌑Whitelist Launch Date: 14th March

🌕Public Launch Date: 15th March

To access the whitelist:📣

💢Join the CSC discord group and be an active member

🙋Increase rank invites by inviting new people to the discord to check out the collections

🌌Create your creative fan art planets and share on social media

To buy your celestial NFT after whitelist and public mint:💲

🌀Connect your wallet 💳to the website

🌀CSC NFT collection is also available on Opensea.

NFT Utility

📍Own a solar system in the metaverse and navigate to your celestial bodies

📍Fly around and explore outer space to find additional items for your NFT collection

📍More rewards coming soon

Current Partners

✅Kaiju Kongs @kaijukongz

✅Skate Punks Club NFT @SkatePunksClub

✅The Cybernites @Cybernitesnft

✅The WereWolf Club @thewolvesnft

✅The CryptoShibes @CryptoShibes

Wanna explore the solar system?🌌

🚀Join us on Discord:

🚀Visit our Website:

🚀Follow us on Twitter:

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