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Beta Game Date / LFGLoot Snapshot / DerbyTicket Redemption

We’re back again to keep our community updated with all the many updates, milestones, and changes happening in the world of MetaDerby. So we’ve got a few important announcements and updates upcoming

DerbyTicket NFTs grant users a fully-equipped racehorse in the MetaDerby game through connecting your wallet to the website, visiting the Mystery Box page, and redeeming your DerbyTicket NFT for a Common Box.

MetaDerby’s beta game will officially launch on May 6th, 2022! Before that time, the MetaDerby team will undergo internal testing in order to introduce the most complete product possible to our users upon beta launch.

Upon launch of the beta game, DerbyTicket NFT holders may redeem/burn their DerbyTicket NFT to receive their fully-equipped Common Box racehorse, and LFGLoot NFT holders (as of the April 28th, 2022 snapshot) may connect their wallet for a fully-equipped Legendary Box racehorse in the MetaDerby game.

MetaDerby is the 1st Free-to-Play/Earn horse racing metaverse game, in which users can earn by betting on races, participate in lotteries, breed, trade and race their own NFT horses, and construct farmlands, stables and race courses for tournaments, all the while collecting rewards and revenues from fees.

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Check What $METAGODS have for their $metaheroes for Day 2?😋 Tap and get the answer yourself!🔥

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