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Astrominers – Top Tier NFT Collection.

Astrominers - Top Tier NFT Collection. thumbnail
Astrominers - Top Tier NFT Collection. thumbnail

Astrominers , an epic NFT Collection that recently launched, will change the way people have played online games. Players will be put into a vast universe of epic cyborgs and vigorous humans where they encounter engaging activities and grow a bond with their characters. As Astrominers is an NFT-related project, the game obviously revolves around Astrominers NFTs. The collection consists of 8,888 insane individuals.

The scenario behind the actual game is simple but fascinating. As the future of Earth is in the hands of the Astrominers, those frontier heroes with different skill sets and access to technology wander out to the endless universe with a goal to enrich the people on Earth and ensure the survival of the human race.

A Monumental Project
In my opinion, Astrominers has some of the best artworks currently available in the NFT sphere and there is even more. You cannot find any other project that has a more engaging story than AstroMiners. To depict the narrative, Astrominers is a glimpse into a dark future, where resource scarcity jeopardizes life on Earth. Scientists working on a fast travel system discover a gateway to a foreign world where the mineral ‘Lucent’ is discovered. The mysterious chemical compound can be turned into mineral resources by bombarding it with different radiation. Thus, Astrominers travel to the world of Quarry in the search of Lucent to save the future of the Earth. Along the way they discover strange alien structures and decode mysterious symbols.

Behind every Astrominer there is an individual story. Each Astrominer has a distinctive role, skills, and biography that you can get familiarized with. Players can utilize their NFTs in a real gameplay that involves play-to-earn mechanics. Each player owns a Land-Plot that can be upgraded step-by-step. The final upgrade will convert their land to a fully developed and functional Mining facility that will improve gameplay efficiency and unlock more resources to gather. Resources are needed to upgrade current equipment or buy more of it. There is an Auction House where players perform those activities. Astrominers also have the option to create jobs on their land which gives them the right to demand a tax from the players who worked at their facility.

Committed Team
The developers have designed the game in a way that players will encounter regular challenges, competitions, and more to discover the possibilities of the Metaverse. What is important is that Astrominers is here to stay. The team is working 24/7 to guarantee the success story of the project, not only in selling out but also bringing the project to new heights. If you are a member of their Discord server, you already know that. Astrominers NFTs will have a bigger destiny than just being a pretty asset in your wallet.

Currently, there is an ongoing raffle for the people reading this post. You can participate in the exclusive raffle for a chance to win a spot for the limited Genesis mint, which will be held on March 13th.

Are you intrigued by the Astrominers’ story?

Token omics And Info
Token => $ASTRO The gaming experience will provide players with missions to complete for $ASTRO Token. Total Supply: 100,000,000 Initial Circulating Supply: 11,000,000 Based on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

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