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A new NFT project that is about to change the game, bringing NFTS| DAO| DEFI| METAVERSE all in one!

ASRA City DAO is decentralizing the collective ownership, development and governance of virtual land and experiences. They will be releasing 10,000 Certificate of Ownership NFTs, each granting fractional ownership over all digital assets acquired, as well as voting power to influence key decisions.

Members of ASRA City DAO are entitled to a proportional distribution of revenue accrued from their virtual developments, and when digital assets are leased, or sold for a profit.

Drop 1 will see the release of 1500 Certificate of Ownership NFTs - with more only being released when certain milestones are hit.

✅ Fractionalized Ownership

✅ Decentralized Governance

✅ Revenue Distribution

✅ Staking Protocol & Rewards

✅ Native & Governance Token

✅ Member Benefits

✅ Evolving Utility

Certificate of Ownership NFT holders will also have the option to stake their NFT for a fixed 3 month period, and in return can receive.

✅ Receive governance tokens

✅ Genesis 3D Avatar (Upgradeable)

✅ Additional member benefits & rewards

The future of ASRA City DAO will see additional layers of utility added to their native token, such as a Metaverse marketplace to bridge the gap between the NFT space and the Metaverse

We are at the forefront of a revolutionary technology that will dramatically alter the trajectory of humanity and how we interface with day-to-day life. Through community-driven decentralized governance and ownership, we are presented with a unique opportunity to establish ourselves as virtual developers, innovators, and to collaboratively birth empires across world’s known, and world’s yet to be discovered.

Every city needs their people. Welcome to ASRA City DAO.

What do you think?

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