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🦍🖼️ How to Setup your GameStop NFT Marketplace Profile, a Wallet, and mint your own NFT’s! 🦍🖼️

🦍🖼️ How to Setup your GameStop NFT Marketplace Profile, a Wallet, and mint your own NFT's! 🦍🖼️ thumbnail
🦍🖼️ How to Setup your GameStop NFT Marketplace Profile, a Wallet, and mint your own NFT's! 🦍🖼️ thumbnail

::Reposting this Guide for the weekend since it got buried the first time::

I went down the rabbit hole last night experimenting with creating a Wallet, a GME NFT profile, and minting my first NFT!

Below is a step by step guide on how you can accomplish the same!

Here is everything you will need to get going:

Chrome Browser on a computer (I used PC should be the same on Apple)

Debit Card

State ID/Drivers License/or Passport

Smart phone with working camera

You will begin your journey by going to the GME NFT login page using the CHROME BROWSER:

Warning: People have had issues with different browser and wallet configurations. I will walk you through the way that worked for me. I can't guarantee other configurations will work the same.

PART 1: Setting up a Metamask wallet

Click on the "Install Metamask" option

Follow through Metamasks prompts and instructions to complete setup

This next part is really important. They are going to give you a pass phrase. You need to write that shit down in the exact order it is given to you. Put it in a special place. Metamask can not help you recover your account without that passphrase.

After you have a Metamask wallet setup you will hit the "Connect" button on the top right corner of the GME NFT login or main page.

Metamask will automatically link your wallet to the GME marketplace once you put your password in.

You'll have to hit the "sign" button once or twice.

It will look like this once you login (add funds may not be there because you haven't upgrade to L2 yet; we will cover later)

I have a name because I set my profile up which is what we will cover next!

Click on your temporary name (where mine says Stonk)

You may have to hit the sign button more after this.

PART 2: Setting up your Profile and Email:

You will see your Profile page now:

Click on "Edit Profile"

Important Note: Mine is completed. I had issues with this part. I found that only doing the email verification first and then finishing the rest worked for me.

Click on the email text field and enter your email address and hit the "verify" button.

Once you click on the link they email you, go back into your profile. It should say verified.

Now pick a Display Name and put your bio in. You have be asked to do 2 "I am not a robot" image matching tests EACH time you try a new display name. If it isn't letting you hit the save button at the bottom of the page your display name is most likely already taken or not allowed. It does not always warn you appropriately that you have chosen poorly.

Interesting note: If you click on the picture button next to your profile name you can set an avatar. It has to be an NFT in your collection.

The marketplace isn't available yet when you click on Browse as of 3/24/22

Which led me further down the rabbit hole to part 3: Minting an NFT.

You are going to need to get your wallet setup on Layer2. On GameStop (or Looprings) website you can add funds using a company called Ramp.

You will use a DEBIT CARD (they don't specify this but it is necessary) to pay for some Ethereum. It was around $135 bucks for me. They want you to prove you're a person basically. You don't actually pay all that money. There is a button in your sign in box to activate layer 2. I also upgraded to layer 2 on the loopring website which we will cover later. Then you've got some ETH that you will need later to make some sweet NFT's.

Again, when you add funds I chose Ramp as the method.

Ramp is going to generate a QR code that you are going to scan on your phone. Download google lens if you are on android and don't have a QR code app (apple has it built into the camera).

It will basically have you scan your face, and your ID to make sure you are you. I actually had to do it twice. Got it done in less than 10 minutes. You will get an email when you are approved. Super easy but awkward (I am suspicious of everything.)

PART 3: Minting an NFT

Do you know how to copy and paste?

Let me tell you, this shit is so fucking easy it is going to blow your mind.

We are going to be using 2 websites for this.

Make a log in for each of these websites:

Create a folder on your computer called "NFT"

Go into Paint and make something stupid and save it as a .jpg in the NFT folder you made.

I went into paint and pasted a picture of Ryan Cohen's face onto Gandalf's body from Lord of the Rings smoking a sick pipe.

Go to

Click on "Launch App"

Click the big blue "Connect Wallet" button

Choose MetaMask

Hit the big blue "Unlock" button and sign again like you've been doing

Under the "Trade" Page you are going to want to convert some Ethereum to LRC coin.

Luckily you already have some Ethereum because you had to add some to upgrade to layer 2.

It makes you convert a minimum of 0.0324323 ETH and you get about 93 LRC coins.

I added funds twice (both times through loopring actually). The etherium showed up immediately on the gamestop nft website on my profile too. You can adds funds in either website and it shows up right away.

It was about $135 bucks both times. You only need to do it once. The money that it needed to see for me to upgrade to layer 2 wasn't actually used, so I converted it into LRC. This is because when you go to mint it wasn't working with ETH even though it was an option. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Now you have a wallet through metamask that is on layer2 through loopring and you have some LRC coin. You are ready to mint an NFT!

Go to

Click Upload

Click Folder

Select your NFT folder you made. It should just have that 1 xxxx.jpg picture you made earlier

Give it a name.

You are going to click the 2 little pages next to the unique code it generated (this will copy the code):

Next open a new notepad file

Paste this block of test into it

This is my code for the NFT I made

You are going to change the text obviously.

Here is the important piece:

To make this all work you are going to paste in your code that you just copied from pinata into the text under "Image".

Then you are going to put the file name after the /

So if earlier you made a picture of Kenny eating mayo and called the jpg Mayoboy69.jpg that is what you would put in.


"description": "RCwizard",

"image": "ipfs://QmXTdxRne3T7fJu3fHa56q6512KL2EKkWDjHMReocfppU/RCwizard.jpg",

"name": "Ryan Cohen is a Stonk Wizard",

"royalty_percentage": 10


You are going to go to File-> Save as-> and under file name give it whatever name you want, but put .json after it and hit save.

so it might be Mayobitch.json

Now we go back to Pinata and hit that Upload button again.

This time we are going to choose "File" and choose our .json file we just made.

It will show up in the list

Click the little copy button next to the xxx.json CID

Now go back into (you may have to hit unlock and sign again if you were away from the page for awhile)

Click L2 Wallet at the top of the page and go to My NFT

Click on Mint NFT at the top right corner

You are going to paste the the code you just copied from pinata from the .json you made into the top box

Next click on the ETH fee and change it to LRC

Then put in the amount of NFT's you want to mint. I made 741.

This next part is important. You may need to click between boxes and copy and paste the code in several times, you may also need to wait a minute, until the preview image and name pop up. If this doesn't happen then if it let's you mint it isn't going to work.

Once you see a preview image and the name generated then you can click the Mint button. It's less than 1 LRC coin to mint so its dirt cheap. That's why the layer 2 is so important.

Now when GameStop's NFT marketplace is live you should have an NFT waiting in your collection that you can set as your profile picture!

This was my first time experimenting with any of this stuff. As such I encourage anyone with more knowledge to help clarify and expand on these topics.

None of this is financial advice; I sleep in a racecar bed 🏎️🛏️

What do you think?

Time to get connected! Prepare for launch, and to take part in something truly amazing. Here is the easiest way to create a wallet, connect it to GameStop marketplace, and to mint a Loopring NFT. thumbnail

Time to get connected! Prepare for launch, and to take part in something truly amazing. Here is the easiest way to create a wallet, connect it to GameStop marketplace, and to mint a Loopring NFT.

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